Heart… Heart-Lung… Lung…Kidney… Liver.. Cornea…Skin… Face…Pancreas…Hand…. Uterus…Other

Similar Perfusion or Organ Storage Devices :

  1. OrganOx (liver perfusion system for 24hrs)
  2. Toronto XVIVO Lung Perfusion System with Vitrolife Solution
  3. Transmedics Organ Care System  (Heart, Lung, and Liver)
  4.  Biovest International Inc’s. cell culture instruments
  5.  Synthecon 3D Bioreactor / Perfusion Culture Systems
  6. Hybrid Organ’s Bioreactors
  7. Organ Recovery Systems ExVivo Research and LifePort Solutions
  8. GE Wave Bioreactor System
  9. Liver4Life  (Liver perfusion system for 7 days)

Heart Lung Machines used in Cardiopulmonary bypass operations

  1. Performer® CPB Machine from Medtronics … or here.
  2. Sorin Group Perfusion Systems
  3. Maquet Heart Lung Machine 20
  4. Terumo Heart-Lung Machines
  5. CoRX System from CardioVention Inc.
  6. Salyer Biomedical’s Century Heart Lung Machine